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The songs and Dances
Singing has always taken an important place in rural life. On the countryside people danced a lot, yet the instruments available were rather primitive, so that voices had to be the main support to dance music.
The words of these songs principally aimed at giving guide marks enabling to memorise the tune easily ; that's why they didn't need to have a poetical value but should be easy to remember.
The themes came often from daily life ; it told an anecdote, an adventure and in the hero of this mischance everyone recognised a relative, a neighbour or even himself, so that today these songs bring us back the atmosphere of the village.
With them we enter the thatched cottages and the cattle-sheds. People who animated them come to life again with their temper and personality. In all the regions life was quite the same and that's why we find the same themes and sometimes the same anecdotes.

Claude Edouard